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Founded in January of 2013 and based in Cau Giay, Hanoi, POONSA is a trusted Serviced Apartment Provider for people to discover, and book unique accommodations in Hanoi — online or from a mobile phone.


  • Mr. Thanh - 0973 473 465
  • Mr. Cường - 0974 354 090
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See where people are traveling, all around Hanoi.

Park Joon Ni
"I put on a metal outfit, then I grind the metal off it so that sparks shoot everywhere. Most of the time there are naked chicks involved."
Jane & Mark
"I was afraid that I wouldn't have the tolerance to be a parent. But it's amazing how you find the energy."
"I was engaged eight years ago, but my fiancee died in Iraq. After that, I promised myself that I'd never be that dependent on someone again. “